Smart meters are the rage nowadays for water leaders and my community of Durango, Colorado is no exception.  Bring these high-tech devices for water savings on is what I say!  Now we will have useful data about how much and when we use water. It will be good information to study especially when as a customer, we think we have not used as much as the city thinks we have.  More importantly, it may point out water leaks.  If all of the sudden your usage goes up and you are not home, a leak may be the culprit.

Smart water metering is a necessity in communities facing water shortages and where municipal water leaders want to ensure water efficiency and conservation.  I have friends in Utah who are metered and if they go above their yearly-allotted amount, they are heavily fined.  My friends are allotted 243,000 gallons per year, watch their water use, and are frugal. They never use more than their allotted amount, as they prefer not to pay a penalty.  And 20,500 gallons per month is actually a lot of water. I think my friends are lucky to have such a high level of water that is metered. We all hope the water leaders realize that people will conserve and act in the best interest of the community if the restrictions are not unjust or unfair.  Most water leaders I know are good, fair minded people and I do not expect bad behavior from them.  But I look forward to the smart water meters our community is installing because in the dry American southwest, we need to be “smart” about our water efficiency and water conservation.  Smart water meters will help us save water, save money and ensure water for the future.