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Water saving techniques and recommended products help my clients save water and money by reducing usage, altering their landscape, and increasing their water conservation practices.

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Recommended water-saving techniques, practices and products help clients reduce usage, save money and ensure that future generations have the water they will need to farm and grow crops, recreate, and do business. Whether the issue is water shortage or quality,  I enjoy helping those who want to save water.

Business Water Conservation

I creatively help solve excessive water usage for any merchant or business that wishes to save water at their place of business and off-site. Recommendations are site-specific and personalized for the business mission, work goals and business practices. A report is provided that details our recommendations to ensure all water savings are realized. Follow up consultations are included to ensure continued water savings.

Home Water Conservation

After performing a personal analysis and inventory of your home’s infrastructure, I recommend products and practices for your home including upgrades, small fixes, water-saving features and practices. I provide a report that details my recommendations and encourages a successful water savings scenario. Follow up consultations are included to promote continued water savings.

Municipal Services

My customized consulting helps ensure water saving for the community now and in the future. These services are client and site specific and will vary depending on water quality, consumption practices and community needs. A report is provided that details my analysis and recommends changes so that water cost savings are realized.


Outside water needs and efficiency will be addressed and xeriscaping and irrigation practices evaluated with recommendations for a path forward to ensure water savings.

General Consulting

Water conservation practices and site-specific geology consults are offered for those wishing to evaluate potential real estate purchases or their own property.

Secondary Gray Water

The feasibility of using secondary gray water recovery will be assessed and a path forward will be determined for those interested in these systems.


As a water conservation consulting business, Jennifer J Goodwin LLC serves those who are motivated to lower their water costs by reducing consumption and changing behaviors. Customers include private citizens, businesses, public officials, state and local governments and municipalities. Any private or public entity that wishes to conserve water and lower costs are welcome to use my services and expertise.


I am a sedimentary geologist with 23 years of petroleum, water and contaminant tracking, mapping and analysis. I have lived and worked in many areas around the United States and the world and enjoy helping people conserve water. I enjoy spreading the word about what an important resource water truly is. I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Later, I attended Stanford University in California and obtained my Master of Science degree in Applied Earth Science with a concentration in Petroleum Geology. Then I worked at various private and public entities for my career.


I have worked in California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Egypt, and The Netherlands in various capacities as an earth scientist. I started out in the petroleum business and worked California and Gulf of Mexico projects. In Louisiana, I worked for public health in state government tracking contaminants at Superfund sites to determine if contaminants were present in air, soils, water and food. In Texas, I was elected and worked on a municipal utility board. My focus there was on water conservation and prudent financial management of tax dollars. My passion for the topic is boundless and I enjoy working with small businesses, private citizens and large corporations as well as municipalities.


My interests include water efficiency, xeriscaping, and water conservation practices for home and businesses and helping municipalities curb their water consumption and costs. My forte is detailed, creative solutions for water conservation and efficiency. I look forward to helping those who desire to conserve our water.

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Smart Water Meters

Smart meters are the rage nowadays for water leaders and my community of Durango, Colorado is no exception.  Bring these high-tech devices for water savings on is what I say!  Now we will have useful data about how much and when we use water. It will be...

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Home Water Saving Resolutions for 2019

The New Year is a great time for re-evaluating your home water usage as the garden and outside water use is quiet and you can focus on inside home water savings! The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a symbol, namely Water Sense that they...

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Jennifer J. Goodwin Welcomes You

Welcome to! My first newsletter is being written in Victor, Idaho where I am vacationing with family to see Yellowstone National Park. I just read an article in a local magazine about consensus building between water rights owners...

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Water Use It Wisely

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Southwest Water Conservation District, Durango, CO

J&L Gardens

City of Durango 2018 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report

Chicago, IL non-profit for water efficiency

Durango, Colorado non-profit for resource conservation

United States Geological Survey



Where is the water dock for the Durango, Colorado area?
The Durango water dock is located on the east frontage road of HWY 550 south of town across from Bodo Park. It is between the Natures Oasis and Serious Texas Barbeque.
Where is the water dock for Bayfield, Colorado?
In the town of Bayfield, the water dock is located at 579 E. Spruce Drive. It is a cash system and the telephone number is 970-884-9544.
Where is the water dock for Ignacio, Colorado?
Southern Ute Utilities operates a water dock at County Road 517 in Ignacio, Colorado. It is a cash system and the telephone is 970-563-0225.
What are the top six water saving techniques for the home?
When showering, rinse for 30 seconds then turn the water off. Soap up, turn the water on and rinse again. If your showerhead flows at 2.5 gallons per minute, this technique could save 75-150 gallons a month if showering daily.

• Put a bucket in your shower and use the runoff for watering plants or washing your car.

• Use your dirty dishwater to water your plants.

• Wash only full loads of laundry and full loads in your dishwasher.

• Only water outside between the hours of 8pm and 9am to reduce evaporation.

• When brushing your teeth, do not let the water run but merely rinse your toothbrush to begin brushing. Then turn off the water, and brush your teeth. Rinse your mouth and your toothbrush when you are done brushing.

What cost savings may I expect from a dual flush toilet?
If you have a dual flush toilet with a 1.6gpf and a 1.1gpf option and you assume two large flushes per day and eight small flushes, and then on a daily basis you will save approximately 4 gallons per day. Most toilets currently use 1.6 gallons per flush. This 4 gallons per day savings adds up and for the year that can total a whopping 1460 gallons. Depending on your water rate charged by the municipality, this water could be worth $50-$100 per year.


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